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In India, chaat is a small savory appetizer that is served to get our appetite going for dinner. Who doesn't like a good samosa with your meal?!

This Substack is a thoughtful chaat designed to get the conversation started. It's a jumping off point for exploration and community creation. I will highlight the mental health and wellness needs of women, the LGBTQIA+ community, and women of color. I will also provide invaluable resources to help you, loved ones, and clients navigate behavioral health services. This is a great SubStack for people both in the community and those who are allies. I also encourage providers to subscribe!

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Meena Statz, LPC
Meena Statz is a psychotherapist and wellness influencer from Central Wisconsin. As the daughter of Indian immigrants, she proudly embraces her bicultural identity, while actively highlighting the unique mental health needs of South Asians.